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Giant Aluminum Foil Ball

This is all of the foil I used for the Father’s Day prank. I have no idea what he’ll do with it. Maybe he’ll keep it. It can be like a pet rock or something.


In case you missed the last posts, this is what all the foil was used for:

How to get disowned by your dad (Part 1)

How to get disowned by your dad (Part 2)



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How to get disowned by your dad (Part 2)



Yesterday I foiled and yarned my dearsweetloving father’s office.  This is his reaction.

Hmmm.  Something looks different….

Just a workin away on this pain ole’ boring Friday morning.

He was literally speechless.


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How to get disowned by your dad (Part 1)

So Father’s Day is this weekend and I decided to give my dad the gift of the prank.

This is his office pre foiling and yarning.

His coworkers let me into his office and let me have my way with 300 feet of aluminum foil and some rainbow yarn.

It took me about 3 hours.  He’s so OCD about everything.  Everything has a place and every place has a thing.  I had to take a picture of all of the desks and cabinets so that I could put everything back where it belongs.

This will probably be my last Father’s Day with him, because I’m pretty sure he’s going to disown me.

It’s probably worth it though.

I’ll post his reaction tomorrow.


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My dad sent me this picture. I’m from Tulsa, and let me just say that all the private school kids with they’re rock star cars and diva jewelry had NOTHING and I mean N.O.T.H.I.N.G on my sweet action sleeper sofa. I had the best pull-out a girl could ask for.  As my grandma would say “You can’t spoil with love.”

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