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Chewbacca showed up today

Today was the first day of the second week of summer school, and other than one of the little girls affectionately trying to choke me with my scarf, it went well (she was just admiring it and thought it was pretty.  she didn’t realize it was tied around my airway).  I might have to rethink my choice of accessories.

After everyone finished their breakfast we went back to the classroom to start our morning meeting.  One of the things I ask the kids to do is to sign in on the smart board.  Today one of the kids thought it would be appropriate to to make Chewbacca noises as he signed in.  He wrote his own name, but he sounded just like Chewy.  It was great.  I wonder if he takes requests.

We also did a jungle collage.  I cut up pieces of construction paper and aluminum foil, but then I got really crazy.  You know those paper plates you use to put paint on for kids when they’re painting a picture?  DO NOT THROW THOSE AWAY!  Set aside and let them dry because they can be an awesome addition to another craft later on (I learned this trick from the Firehouse Art Center).

Here are some examples:

I thought my flower/stars looked pretty awesome, but only a couple of kids used them.  Maybe they were too abstract and unrealistic.  All well, I’ll try again some other time.




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