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The 50 Cutest Things That Ever Happened

This list called “The 50 Cutest Things That Ever Happened” is on Buzzfeed, and it actually is the fifty cutest things that ever happened.  I can’t embed the page, but here’s a few of my favorites.










Hope you go to full post!  There’s a lot more cuteness to be seen!



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Lionzebragiraffe one, poo, free.

So it has been an extremely long time since the last time I posted.  Sorry about that.  I also changed the name of my blog (I’ll explain that in a later post).

This week we made a lion mask, and because I just have to be different, I decided to incorporate a couple of other animals into my mask (and yes, I insist on doing all of the crafts my students do, and not just giving the directions.  It’s more fun that way)…

I don’t think any of my students knew what I was doing, even after I explained it to them.  That’s ok.  They colored their lions blue and purple and tye-dye, so whatever.  Let me have my lionzebragiraffe.

My students are working on counting in math, and even though I am so sick and tired of working on that goal I laugh every. single. time.  I love hearing them count to ten.











Gets me every time.

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The two weirdest, most disgusting animal videos I have ever seen.

A clam sticking it’s nasty tongue (or whatever it is) out and licking salt off of a table.  This doesn’t even seem real.

After watching this video my fear of snakes increased 1,000%.  The first video isn’t in English, but it is shorter and gets straight to the point.  The second video is in English, and it gives more of the back story.

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This is a day late, but my happy post for yesterday is seeing 5 baby skunks at my old high school. I never saw an adult skunk, but the babies did try to spray me.





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