My Ideal House – Guest Post by Paige!!!

English: A facial view of a Red Eared Slider T...

English: A facial view of a Red Eared Slider Turtle (Trachemys scripta elegans), found wandering around the compounds of The McNay Museum of Art, San Antonio, Texas فارسی: یک نمای صورت از لاک‌پشت گوش‌قرمز که در موزه هنرهای مک‌نی، سن آنتونیو، تگزاس قرار دارد. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If I had a million dollars I would have this super awesome house! It would have a turtle room where I’d keep my turtles and they would live in their specific environment, in my house. I may incorporate a turtle door to the backyard but turtles are sneaky and they may run away. I would definitely have a computer lab fit with the latest technology – I’m talking Ironman Tony Stark technology. Then I would put in this awesome Bible room, with all kinds of Bibles, even Spanish. I would hold home meetings there and it’d be so sweet! And the kitchen would come with a super awesome chef. Macaroni and cheese would be on hand at all times and all I would have to say is “mac & cheese me” and the chef would know what’s up. I would probably have a roller rink and hire a professional to teach me how to roller blade. For transportation – tricked out Mini Coop (like in Italian Job) and a awesome glow in the dark bike for riding under the stars.


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