Grads told they’re not special?

What do you think?

Raining on the parade or reality check?



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2 responses to “Grads told they’re not special?

  1. Joann

    As my 16 year old would say, “absolutely right, they aren’t special”. The other day a student was getting the attention of an administrator to tell them that they had come to school on time. Heather started a slow clap and congratulated her on doing what the other 5000 students manage to do every day. I mean really, there are so many student graduating around the country this month, what they are doing is what they should be doing. It’s a great accomplishment, they should be proud, but they aren’t special! There are a few stand outs in each class that could rate as special. Maybe they finished the school year despite crippling illness with a 4.0 grade average. Those students I can recognize as special, but the majority are just like me 20 years ago, they finished.

    • Haha, yeah. I agree with you. I’m either a part of the “special generation” or just before it, and even I can appreciate a little straight talk. I see kids coming to OU as freshmen thinking they’re entitled to something – extra time on assignments, good grades for poor work, money, etc. Most of them crash and burn pretty quick, and only some of them manage to pick themselves back up. I’m thankful I had two realistic parents and lots of very honest soccer coaches in my life.

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