Coming Full Circle

I graduated with distinction and a minor in history, and now I have half a Master’s and am certified to teach 6 subjects.  What am I doing now that I’m all credentialed and what not?  Exactly what I did when I was in kindergarten: playing with construction paper and googly eyes.

Summer school officially starts tomorrow and these are a couple of the crafts to go along with our jungle theme.  The chain snake has absolutely no educational value or practical function, although I guess maybe I could change that with the alphabet or numbers or something.

I’m going to use the animal sticks for our opening meeting.  A lot of kinds with special needs have trouble greeting people and engaging in simple conversations about how they’re doing that day or the weather, so I’ll just use the stick animals to show that they’re here for the day by putting them on a board and then practice greeting each kid and asking them a simple question or giving them a compliment.

Oh, and I don’t know if you noticed, but I added in an imaginary creature: a lion-ele-rilla? a gor-lio-phant? an ele-gor-ion?  I’ll keep working on the name.  I added this for two reasons.  1. When it comes to crafts, I don’t like following patterns and doing things exactly like the pattern.  2. Sometimes kids with Autism like to have things in a very particular way. If they are asked to draw a dog, they’ll probably either draw a dog they know or one they’ve seen on t.v. or in a movie.  It can be really difficult to get them to come up with something in they’re imagination and convince them it’s okay (I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten a bruise or two from not letting a kid copy someone else’s work, but making him do something original).  So I just wanted to show them that they can make an imaginary animal if they want to.  In fact, I think I’m going to ask them to make one realistic animal and one imaginary animal.  I’m not expecting anything as “crazy” as mine.  They’ll probably just change the ears or the nose if they agree to do it at all.  I think it’s worth a shot though.

On a previous post, I talked about how unorganized everything was.  I went back to my class today hoping most of the kinks had been worked out.  They weren’t.  I still don’t have any materials for one of my kids.  Don’t ask me how he’s going to meet his IEP goals without them, because I have no idea.  Furthermore, I checked out a laptop from the library for my class so I can use the smartboard.  It doesn’t work.  It won’t even turn on.  So I drove to my homeschool to check one out from them.  It doesn’t work either.  It’ll turn on, but it won’t let anyone log in.  Don’t ask me how I’m going to have group time, play smartboard games, watch a book on bookflix without a functional laptop, because I have no idea.

Someone from the district computer center is supposed to be there in the morning before the kids arrive so they can help me out.  I have two different laptops with two different problems.  Surely, they’ll be able to fix one of them.

(I want to have the above conversation at least once in my life!)

My only hope for tomorrow is that I end the day with as many kids as I started out with.



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6 responses to “Coming Full Circle

  1. Joann

    Love!! The idea with the animals is great!!

    • Thanks! I have to confess that the animal stick things are a foam set, so I really didn’t do much. Fun for the kids and easy for the teacher are the best crafts.

  2. Reminds me of my days as an elementary school teacher! 🙂

  3. How awesome! Great idea on the animal sticks – my boys have autism and meet and greets can go really well. . . . . appreciate all you do for our kiddos

    • Thanks, I just read your post about your kids switching schools. We had a kid come in during the second semester this year and the adjustment went really well for him (after the initial boundary-pushing stage). I’ll definitely be checking back in on your blog to see how they do!

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